Restoring Your Knee After an ACL Tear in Rock Springs, WY

A medical professional fitting e a leg brace that goes from just above the ankle to just below the hip to support the patient's knee after an ACL tear.When you experience an ACL tear, it can feel as if a crucial piece of your mobility has been compromised. At Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rock Springs, WY, we offer expert care for ACL tears, focusing on restoring your stability and getting you back to your active lifestyle.

Understanding the Impact of an ACL Tear

An ACL tear is a disruptive injury that affects the function and stability of your knee, often occurring during sports activities. Thankfully, our board-certified, fellowship-trained ACL doctors are here to help you regain optimal knee function and return to your active life.

The Road to Recovery

Recovering from an ACL tear involves a comprehensive treatment approach, tailored to your specific needs, and includes:


Our team conducts a thorough examination, including imaging tests, to determine the extent of your ACL tear.

A Treatment Plan

Based on your unique condition, we devise a personalized treatment plan, setting you up for the best possible recovery.

ACL Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of your ACL tear, treatments may range from non-surgical methods like physical therapy and bracing to surgical interventions such as ACL reconstruction.


We guide you through a structured rehabilitation program, focused on rebuilding strength, flexibility, and balance in your knee. With determination, and our expert guidance, you can regain stability and return to the activities you love.

Getting Back on Track in Rock Springs, WY

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rock Springs, WY, we understand the impact of an ACL tear on your life. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you recover fully and confidently. With our tailored treatment plans, you’ll be back on track, enjoying an active, pain-free life. Here, dealing with an ACL tear doesn’t mean the end of your journey, but the beginning of a successful recovery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.