Receive Shoulder Separation Treatment in Rawlins, WY

Athletic woman holding her painful shoulder in a park outdoorsA shoulder separation occurs when the strong band of tissue that attaches the collarbone to the shoulder blade is overstretched or torn. When no longer securely anchored, the collarbone may shift out of position and press against the skin. This type of injury can result from a fall onto an outstretched arm or a direct blow to the point of the shoulder. As such, shoulder separations are common among athletes who play contact sports, such as hockey and football, or engage in activities that often involve falling, such as gymnastics and skiing.

What Does a Shoulder Separation Feel Like?

The most common sign of a shoulder separation is pain near the end of the collarbone. Other symptoms can include swelling, bruising, arm muscle weakness, reduced range of motion, and a visible bump near the top of the shoulder.

If you have shoulder pain, you should seek prompt medical attention to help prevent it from worsening. In Rawlins, Wyoming, you can receive outstanding orthopedic care from the experienced team at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. To evaluate and diagnose your injury, we will perform a physical examination and possibly order an imaging test, such as an X-ray, which can be performed on site.

How Is a Shoulder Separation Treated?

A minor shoulder separation may resolve on its own within a few weeks, but a more severe injury can take up to several months to fully heal. In the meantime, the related discomfort can usually be managed with conservative therapies, such as:

  • Rest and activity modifications – Body positions and movements that aggravate the pain, such as crossing the arm in front of the body, should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Cold therapy – An ice pack can be applied to the separated shoulder to help reduce painful swelling.
  • Immobilization – A sling can be worn to temporarily immobilize the arm and alleviate pressure on the shoulder.
  • Physical therapy – Targeted stretches and strengthening exercises can help restore shoulder flexibility, range of motion, and strength.
  • Medications – Over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help relieve inflammation.

If a shoulder separation causes severe pain or involves a fractured clavicle, we may suggest surgical treatment to repair the torn ligament or reposition the displaced bone.

To help ensure proper healing and a full return to activity, a shoulder separation should receive prompt medical attention. Contact Premier Bone & Joint Centers to request an appointment with a shoulder specialist in Rawlins, WY.

Orthopedic Hip Specialist Practicing in Rawlins, WY

Athletic man touching his painful hipThe hip is a large ball-and-socket joint that has a wide range of motion and endures a significant amount of daily wear and tear. Hip pain can result from a traumatic injury or the simple passage of time. If the discomfort becomes chronic or debilitating, Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, Wyoming, can help. Our team includes board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons who specialize in hip replacement and its non-surgical alternatives, including physical therapy and medication. After we evaluate your condition, we will suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Persistent hip pain can originate from several diverse sources. In many cases, it is a consequence of years of active use. In others, it is a complication of a disease or chronic condition. And sometimes, it may be a result of an injury, sports-related or otherwise. The orthopedic hip specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers treat many conditions and injuries that cause hip pain, including osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, strains, labral tears, and fractures.

When to See an Orthopedic Hip Specialist

You may benefit from seeing an orthopedic hip specialist if:

  • Your hip pain is interfering with your daily life, making it difficult for you to move around or complete simple tasks.
  • Your hip pain is preventing you from enjoying activities that require you to sit or lie down for an extended period.
  • An X-ray or other imaging study of your hip bones has revealed damage.
  • You were diagnosed with a degenerative condition such as osteoporosis that is affecting your hip joint.

The orthopedic hip specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers take a conservative approach to treatment, generally reserving surgery as a last resort. Most of our patients who decide to proceed with a total hip replacement have severe hip joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis, which causes severe pain or interferes with everyday living.

Contact us today to request an appointment with a hip specialist at our satellite clinic in Rawlins, WY.

Sciatica Treatment in Rawlins, WY

Athletic woman rubbing her painful lower backSciatica is a distinctive set of uncomfortable symptoms—pain, numbness, weakness, tingling, and burning sensations—that originate in the lower back and shoot down one or both legs. Some people experience discomfort that is mild and tolerable, while others liken it to the agonizing pain of a severe toothache. The symptoms may improve with time, but if yours do not, you can turn to the orthopedic experts at Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, Wyoming. We offer a full range of treatment options for sciatica and other spine conditions.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is irritated, inflamed, or compressed. The longest and widest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve spans from the base of the spine to just below each knee, where it branches into other nerves that continue down to the toes.

In many cases, sciatica is a consequence of the natural aging process. Over time, the lower back endures a significant amount of stress as the spine bends, twists, and carries a portion of the body’s weight during daily activities. The effects of the resulting wear and tear can gradually build up, potentially leading to a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, spinal narrowing (stenosis), or osteoarthritis. All of these conditions can cause the sciatica nerve to become pinched.

How Is Sciatica Treated?

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we emphasize conservative treatment for sciatica, which usually involves a customized regimen of physical therapy, medications, and/or injections, as appropriate. While severe sciatica can also be treated surgically, we generally reserve surgery as a last resort, mainly because non-surgical options are effective for most patients.

If you would like to learn more about the sciatica treatment options available at Premier Bone & Joint Centers, contact us to schedule an appointment at our satellite clinic in Rawlins, WY.

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment in Rawlins, WY

Man sitting on edge of bed touching his painful lower backNeck and back pain are common, especially among people over 50. When you think about the significant wear and tear your spine endures over the years, it’s probably easy to understand why. Like many other parts of your body, the various components of your spine gradually weaken with age. For instance, your normally pliant discs that cushion your vertebrae can become dry and brittle—a common condition known as degenerative disc disease.

While you can’t stop time or turn back the clock, you don’t have to resign yourself to living with neck or back pain, either. The board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons at Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, Wyoming, offer the latest treatment options—both conservative and surgical—for painful spine conditions, including degenerative disc disease. After pinpointing the source of your pain, we can provide the effective and personalized treatment you deserve.

How Degenerative Disc Disease Can Affect You

Also known as osteoarthritis of the spine, degenerative disc disease is a common cause of neck and back pain, which may:

  • Improve with rest (especially when you are lying down)
  • Worsen with extended sitting or heavy lifting
  • Worsen when you bend or twist your spine
  • Persist for weeks or months, then resolve only to return later
  • Radiate from your neck through your shoulders and arms
  • Radiate from your lower back through your buttocks and thighs
  • Be accompanied by numbness and tingling sensations in your extremities
  • Cause muscle weakness

How Your Degenerative Disc Disease Can Be Treated

Many people are able to find effective relief from their degenerative disc disease symptoms with nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy, bracing, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and steroid injections. In general, spine surgery is considered only as a last resort to address debilitating pain.

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we emphasize conservative treatment for degenerative disc disease whenever possible. When necessary, however, our surgeons perform the latest spinal decompression procedures, including discectomy, foraminotomy, and laminectomy, using minimally invasive techniques.

If you need help managing your neck or back pain, contact Premier Bone & Joint Centers today to request a consultation with a spine doctor at our satellite clinic in Rawlins, WY.

Receive Treatment for a Torn Wrist Ligament in Rawlins, WY

Close-up of athletic woman holding her painful wristA complex group of bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments, the wrist facilitates a wide range of hand movements. All elements must work seamlessly together to allow for full and pain-free function. The ligaments, in particular, are strong bands of connective tissue that stabilize the wrist and keep the bones properly aligned. Also known as a sprained wrist, a torn wrist ligament can allow the bones to drift out of position, leading to pain and wrist instability.

How Do You Know if You’ve Sprained Your Wrist?

A wrist ligament can tear if it is stretched beyond its normal limits. For instance, the most common cause of a sprained wrist is a fall onto an outstretched hand. Sometimes, a tearing or popping sensation is felt when the injury occurs.

In addition to wrist pain and instability, the signs of a torn wrist ligament can include:

  • Swelling and bruising around the wrist
  • Reduced range of motion in the wrist and/or hand
  • Warmth and tenderness at the injury site

If you’ve injured your wrist and are experiencing any of these symptoms, you can consult with a board-certified, fellowship-trained hand and wrist surgeon at Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, Wyoming.

The Diagnostic & Treatment Process

To evaluate your injury, your physician at Premier Bone & Joint Centers will:

  • Review your medical history, including the circumstances of your injury as well as any previous wrist injuries you may have had
  • Perform a physical examination to check your range of movement and joint alignment
  • Order imaging tests, such as an X-ray or an MRI, to check for fractures and misaligned bones

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, we can suggest a treatment plan to help you recover quickly and fully. For instance, a partially torn ligament is usually treated with several weeks of immobilization in a cast or splint, while a fully torn ligament may require a surgical repair. In either case, you can feel confident that you are in good hands with the team at Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic hand doctor at Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, WY.

Overcome Your Pain With the Help of a Physiatrist in Rawlins, WY

Female athlete holding her painful kneeA physiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing pain associated with an illness or injury. The physiatrists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Rawlins, Wyoming, take a whole-body approach to addressing painful musculoskeletal conditions with physical medicine and rehabilitation. By looking beyond the “problem area” and examining the relationships between the various moving parts of the body, we can often pinpoint the source of pain and treat it directly.

A Focus on Functional Wellness

Each board-certified, fellowship-trained physiatrist at Premier Bone & Joint Centers emphasizes personalized treatment with a focus on functional wellness. We understand that each patient we treat is an individual who has unique needs and goals, and we address them accordingly. For instance, while one patient may want to resume competing athletically on a professional level, another may want to regain the ability to sit down on the floor and play with his or her grandchildren. Therefore, in working with a patient, the role of a physiatrist can vary widely and may include:

  • Developing a targeted physical therapy regimen
  • Demonstrating proper exercise techniques
  • Acting as a health and nutrition counselor
  • Prescribing and managing medications
  • Administering injections or musculoskeletal ultrasound therapy
  • Performing nerve conduction studies
  • Enlisting the support of other medical professionals, such as sports medicine doctors
  • Suggesting complementary therapies, such as chiropractic care and medical acupuncture

In the event that a patient’s pain does not improve with conservative treatment, a physiatrist may refer him or her to a surgical specialist at Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Jumpstart the Healing Process

If you have a painful musculoskeletal condition, a physiatrist at Premier Bone & Joint Centers can help you manage or overcome your discomfort so you can get on with your life. Jumpstart the healing process by scheduling an appointment with an experienced physiatrist at our satellite clinic in Rawlins, WY.

Consult the Premier Hand Doctors Serving Rawlins, WY

Hand DoctorWhether you’re working at your computer, cooking a meal, or holding your phone, you’re using your hands. If every movement is accompanied by pain, though, you probably want to consult an experienced hand doctor immediately. Lucky for you, the board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers are just a phone call away. At our Rawlins clinic, our hand specialists regularly provide Wyoming residents with the attentive care they need to return to their everyday activities as quickly and safely as possible. We’d be happy to treat your condition at our local hand center as well.

Conditions We Treat

Given your hand contains a large number of complex joints, strong tendons, precise muscles, and fine nerves, it’s little wonder that all sorts of conditions can impact its functionality. Fortunately, our hand doctors have experience treating:

When you visit our Rawlins clinic, one of our hand specialists will review your medical history and perform a physical examination to test your range of motion. They may also order imaging or electrodiagnostic tests in order to gain a full understanding of your condition and develop as effective of a treatment regimen as possible.

Hand Physicians That Stand Apart

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our hand doctors will always recommend conservative treatment options whenever possible. Oftentimes, this includes behavior modification, immobilization, physical therapy, and over-the-counter pain medication. But if your condition is severe enough to require surgical intervention, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Our orthopedic surgeons have plenty of experience—with several belonging to the American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons—and they’ll use the most advanced techniques and technology in order to ensure your procedure is as minimally invasive as possible.

Are you ready to make your hand pain go away? Schedule an appointment with the hand doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers at our Rawlins, WY, clinic today!

The Premier Shoulder Doctors Serving Rawlins, WY

Shoulder DoctorAt this time of day, you probably find yourself wanting to roll and stretch your shoulders to release some of the tension you’ve been carrying. But if you find yourself suffering from painful spasms every time you attempt to move, it may be time to visit an experienced shoulder doctor. Luckily, the orthopedic physicians of Premier Bone & Joint Centers are here to help. At our Rawlins clinic, our shoulder specialists regularly provide Wyoming residents with the care they need to return to their active lifestyles as quickly and safely as possible. One of our doctors would be happy to diagnose your condition at our local shoulder center.

When to Seek a Shoulder Specialist

While many people carry tension in their shoulders, regular pain, weakness, stiffness, numbness, and a reduced range of motion are all signs that you should consult a shoulder doctor. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained shoulder physicians have experience treating all sorts of conditions, including:

When you visit our local shoulder center, one of our specialists will perform a physical examination and review your medical history. Depending on your symptoms, they may also order imaging or electrodiagnostic tests in order to rule out more serious conditions.

The Shoulder Doctors You Can Trust

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we strive to provide locals with care worthy of Wyoming. Our shoulder specialists benefit from an extra year of fellowship training, and they will design a treatment regimen that lays the foundation for long-lasting recovery. We always use non-invasive treatment techniques—like behavior modification, physical therapy, and over-the-counter medication—whenever possible. If, however, your condition does require surgical intervention, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Our orthopedic surgeons stay up to date on the most advanced techniques and technology, allowing us to keep your procedure as minimally invasive as possible.

Let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders. So schedule an appointment with the shoulder doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers today at our Rawlins, WY, clinic.

Specialty Spine Doctors Trusted by Residents of Rawlins, WY

Spine Doctors Rawlins WYYour spine lets you do just about any sort of activity—from standing and walking to rowing and climbing. Because of this, it’s usually obvious when a spinal issue or injury has occurred. If you’re suffering from any sort of spinal pain, you can receive the right treatment from the orthopedic doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers. As the trusted spine doctors in Rawlins, Wyoming, we can help you return to pain-free living.

When to See a Spine Specialist

So, how can you know when your neck or back pain requires a visit to Premier Bone & Joint Centers? We say that it’s always better to be safe than sorry and recommend coming in for any unusual pain or discomfort. You could be dealing with basic muscle soreness, but it could also be something that requires attention like a pinched nerve, sciatica, or degenerative disc disease. However, you should especially pay us a visit if you’re experiencing:

  • Stiffness in the low back area, restricting range of motion
  • Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head or back
  • Inability to maintain normal posture due to stiffness and/or pain
  • Muscle spasms either with activity or while at rest
  • Pain that persists for several weeks
  • Notable loss of motor function, such as the ability to tiptoe or heel walk

Our Dedicated Spine Physicians

Whatever type of neck or back pain you’re dealing with, we’ll be sure to accurately diagnose the cause to ensure you receive proper treatment. We can perform diagnostic services such as X-rays and MRIs to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Based on what we find, we can develop a conservative treatment plan consisting of physical therapy, medication, and injections. For more serious injuries or ailments, like a herniated disc or spinal decompression, you may require surgery. If it comes to this, you can feel confident knowing that we have a team of highly experienced and trained surgeons that will professionally treat you with care.

Schedule an appointment with the board-certified and fellowship-trained spine specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers today. We have convenient satellite clinics in Rawlins and other parts of Wyoming.