You Top-Choice for Arthritis Treatment in Rawlins, WY

Arthritis can make simple tasks like opening a jar or buttoning a shirt a challenge. But with the right treatment plan, you can still lead an active and fulfilling life despite the challenges that arthritis can bring. At Premier Bone and Joint Centers, we take pride in our ability to help patients in the Rawlins, Wyoming, area do just that. Our orthopedic specialists are adept at providing an array of arthritis treatments, and they’ll use their expertise to ensure you find the relief you deserve.

Identifying the Cause of Your Arthritis

In order to create an arthritis treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs, our physicians will first identify the underlying cause of your condition. When you visit our clinic, a member of our team will:

  • Conduct a physical examination to evaluate your range of motion
  • Take samples that may help identify any arthritis-causing infections
  • Order imaging tests to assess bone damage and loss of cartilage

Our orthopedic doctors possess board certification and extensive fellowship training, so you can be confident in their ability to accurately diagnose your condition and create an arthritis treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Types of Arthritis Treatment

Premier Bone and Joint Centers is Rawlins’ premier source for treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. We are also proud to provide treatment for variations of these conditions, including post-traumatic osteoarthritis, which has earned us the honor of serving as the chief medical professionals for University of Wyoming Athletics.

Whenever possible, our doctors recommend conservative, non-invasive arthritis treatment options. These include behavior modification, physical therapy, and medication. And in more severe cases where surgical intervention is deemed most effective, we utilize the most cutting-edge orthopedic techniques and technologies to ensure a smooth procedure.

To find out which form of arthritis treatment is best for you, schedule a visit to meet with an orthopedic specialist at Premier Bone and Joint Centers in Rawlins, WY.