Knee Replacement: Signs & Symptoms

As the most common joint replacement procedure performed, there is extensive information available on the topic of knee replacements. However, most of the information provided will not answer all of your questions-particularly whether the time is right for you to consider a new knee joint. Knee replacement surgery is a major procedure and requires a […]

Is Holding Your Child Causing Hand & Wrist Pain?

If you are experiencing pain in your hand or wrist when holding your child, you may be suffering from a condition known as mommy’s thumb. Find out what causes this condition that is becoming increasingly common in American households as well as the treatment recommendations from Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Formally called deQuervain’s tendonitis, […]

Avoid Exercise Injury

Exercising is an essential part of staying active and healthy. Unfortunately, it’s easy to push too hard during exercise, which can lead to injury. Here are some tips to remember while exercising to avoid injury. Be Sure to Warm Up Before Exercising Warming up before you exercise gets your blood flowing and increases the elasticity […]

Joint Pain at the Computer

Whether at work or home, those who sit at a computer extensively are prone to suffering aches and pains in their fingers, wrists, neck, and low back. But preventative measures can be taken to help you stay pain-free and healthy. Read more Aches and pains often experienced include numbness in fingers, sore wrists, and lower […]

Orthopedic Acronyms

It seems that all professions have created their own acronyms to shorten the length of common phrases they use in their everyday job. Orthopedists also use their own form of “jargon”. If you have ever seen an orthopedist you may have heard these terms before. PASTA: Partial Articular Supraspinatus Tendon Avulsion This term describes a […]