Practicing the Latest Techniques in Bunion Surgery for Patients in Laramie, WY

Woman holding her left foot with both hands. Her foot has a bunion protruding from big toe.A bunion is an outward bulge at the base joint of the big toe. Bunions can develop as a result of wearing tight-fitting footwear and, oftentimes, aren’t painful and don’t require treatment. In more severe cases, however, bunions can cause the big toe to turn inward and cause pain. If you have a bunion that is painful or hindering your mobility, Premier Bone and Joint Centers can help. One of our foot and ankle doctors in Laramie, Wyoming, can assess your condition and determine if bunion surgery is an appropriate course of treatment. 

When Is Bunion Surgery Recommended? 

Whenever possible, conservative approaches should be taken when treating patients with bunions. These include wearing comfortable, roomy shoes and taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) when needed. 

Conversely, our foot and ankle specialists may recommend bunion surgery, or lapiplasty bunion surgery to correct: 

  • Foot pain that limits ordinary activities such as walking a few blocks while wearing comfortable footwear 
  • Chronic inflammation surrounding the big toe 
  • Stiffness that makes it difficult to straighten or bend the big toe 
  • Excessive curvature of the big toe 

Our orthopedic surgeons possess board certification and fellowship training, and many belong to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. What’s more, we utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques to mitigate soft tissue trauma and post-operative pain. 

Meet With an Orthopedic Surgeon 

If you wish to learn more about bunion surgery and other bunion treatment options we offer at Premier Bone and Joint Centers, get in touch with us today. An orthopedic specialist on our team will be happy to meet with you at our Laramie, WY, clinic, to develop a personalized treatment plan.