Treatment in Torrington, WY, for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Man at laptop holds hand in painYour hands are your most important tools. They allow you to type up work documents, sprinkle salt into your dinner, and hold onto the handlebars of your mountain bike. This also means that it’s hard to ignore signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, like pain, numbness, or tingling in your wrists or hands. But why ignore these symptoms when you can receive treatment from Premier Bone & Joint Centers? With a team of highly skilled hand specialists and a convenient satellite clinic in Torrington, we provide care worthy of Wyoming.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

This condition occurs when the median nerve, which travels through the wrist and hand, is squeezed or compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by several factors, including repetitive hand use, hereditary traits, pregnancy, or other health conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to pain, numbness, and tingling in the wrists and hands, the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Weakness or difficulty holding items and performing fine movements
  • Occasional shock-like sensations that radiate to the fingers

See Our Hand Specialists

You can feel confident putting your hands in our capable ones. Premier Bone & Joint Center’s team of board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors have the knowledge and resources to accurately diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome and design a custom-tailored treatment plan. Many times, conservative treatment options like physical therapy and pain medication prove to be effective, but more severe cases may lead us to recommend surgery. With expertly trained surgeons, many of whom belong to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, we are more than able to perform the right procedure.

See Premier Bone & Joint Centers at our Torrington, WY, satellite clinic at the first sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.