Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow Available in Rock Springs & Throughout WY

Tennis Elbow Rock Springs WYIf you’ve recently been dealing with some severe elbow pain, the issue may be lateral epicondylitis—otherwise known as tennis elbow. Even if you don’t crush the courts like a Williams sister, you’re still likely to develop this injury due to overuse or repetitive motions of your arm and elbow. To get an accurate diagnosis so you can know for sure, turn to the board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. With satellite clinics in Rock Springs and throughout Wyoming, we make it easy for patients to receive the right orthopedic care.

A Team of Trained Professionals

To know for sure if your pain is tennis elbow, our orthopedic physicians will perform a thorough examination of your arm and discuss your symptoms. Typically, people suffering from tennis elbow experience pain and tenderness in the bony knob on the outside of the elbow. It may also be challenging to make a fist or grip an object.

After our team officially diagnoses you with tennis elbow, we can formulate a treatment plan that is specially tailored to you. In many cases, the condition can be managed with conservative options like medication, physical therapy, and rest from the activity that caused the injury. In rare cases, the severity of the injury calls for surgery. If this does wind up being the case, you can feel absolutely confident in the knowledge and expertise of our orthopedic surgeons.

Treat Your Tennis Elbow Today

Premier Bone & Joint Centers has long been the doctors trusted by residents of Rock Springs and greater Wyoming communities. With many clinics across the state, we can provide you accessible treatment for your tennis elbow. Schedule an appointment at your nearest location today.