Treating Hand Pain for Those Living in Rock Springs & Across Wyoming

Hand PainWhether you’re clinging to the side of a rock formation, pumping the brakes as you bike through the Wilkins Peak Trail System, or simply scrolling through this page, you need to be able to use your hands without pain. So, if an injured hand has you stepping back from the activities you love, it’s time to seek help from the professionals. Enter Premier Bone & Joint Centers. From our Rock Hills location or one of our convenient satellite clinics across Wyoming, our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors would happily give you the care you need to set you on the road to recovery.

Finding the Cause of Your Hand Pain

Did you know that your hands contain more than two dozen bones and joints? This is in addition to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and cartilage that keeps things functioning smoothly. Unfortunately, this means there are plenty of conditions that could cause hand pain, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Hyperextensions
  • Sprains

Lucky for you, our doctors have just about seen it all when it comes to hand injuries. So, after you arrive for your appointment, a friendly member of our team will review your medical history and perform a physical examination. They may also recommend electrodiagnostic tests, lab tests, or imaging tests from one of our convenient on-site centers before providing their diagnosis.

A Treatment Regimen You Can Trust

We understand that you’ve got plenty of things you want to be doing, almost all of which require you to use your hands. That’s why our doctors will recommend a treatment regimen that lays the foundation for lasting recovery from your hand pain and gets you back to the things you love as quickly and safely as possible. You can rest easy knowing we always pursue conservative treatment options whenever possible. But should surgical intervention result in the greatest chance of recovery, you can rest easy knowing our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and technology to lower risk and decrease recovery times.

Don’t let hand pain keep you from doing the things you love. Instead, schedule an appointment with the physicians of Premier Bone & Joint Centers today, either at our Rock Springs location or one of the satellite clinics we maintain across Wyoming.