Manage Your Chronic Joint Pain in Rock Springs & Other Parts of WY

Chronic Joint Pain Rock Springs WYWhen you live in a place as beautiful as Wyoming, you try to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible—whether through hiking, running, swimming, golfing, or biking. However, it can be hard to do your favorite things—let alone your everyday activities—if you suffer from chronic joint pain. If you need help managing your pain so that you can continue enjoying all that Rock Springs and the rest of Wyoming have to offer, you can turn to the doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

What Causes Chronic Joint Pain?

Despite sometimes being quite debilitating, joint pain is fairly common. If the pain goes away after a few days or weeks then it is acute; if it lasts for several weeks or months then it is considered chronic. Many different conditions can lead to joint pain, including:

Personalized Care From Premier Bone & Joint Centers

Our dedicated team of board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors will work closely with you to fully understand your chronic joint pain and help you manage it. This usually involves a rigorous physical therapy program to help loosen joints and increase blood flow, and we may also prescribe certain medications to help with inflammation. In more rare or severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair joint cartilage.

As the premier orthopedic doctors serving residents of Rock Springs and the state of Wyoming, we will do everything we can to help manage your chronic joint pain so you can continue doing all of the things you love. Schedule an appointment with Premier Bone & Joint Centers today.