Trust Board-Certified Elbow Doctors in Torrington, WY

Senior man with elbow pain standing with tennis racket

Like so many other body parts, you don’t think about your elbows much until they’re not working right or are in pain. Just imagine trying to eat your next meal, but you can’t bend your elbows! Whether you’re a part of the Torrington Trailblazers tennis team suffering from tennis elbow or just an ordinary Joe who’s noticed that his elbow is chronically sore, let the elbow doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers take a look. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians regularly provide care worthy of Wyoming at our Torrington elbow center and help their patients get back to their active and healthy lifestyles.

Elbow Injuries We Treat

There are a number of ailments and injuries that can affect your elbow. While sports injuries are common, and we are proud to be the team physicians for the University of Wyoming athletics, you can even hurt your elbow by using your phone too much. Our elbow specialists have treated a wide variety of conditions, including:

When you arrive at our facility, a member of our team will start by reviewing your medical history. From there, we’ll perform a physical examination and order X-rays or an MRI if needed. Once we determine the cause of your elbow pain, we’ll create a plan for treatment and recovery.

Care Worthy of Wyoming

Our elbow doctors always look to non-invasive treatment options first. This could include approaches like immobilization, physical therapy, and pain management. If a surgical procedure is necessary, you can have complete confidence in our team. Our elbow surgery specialists have the experience and training to handle your surgery using the latest techniques and equipment to be as minimally invasive as possible.

Don’t ignore your elbow pain; treat it. Schedule your appointment with the board-certified and fellowship-trained elbow physicians at Premier Bone & Joint Centers at our Torrington, WY, satellite clinic today.