Foot & Ankle Specialty Doctors in Gillette, WY

Foot & Ankle Speciality Gillette WYBecause you use your feet to get around, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience some sort of injury or condition in your life. It can happen while you’re hiking down Red Beds Trail or walking your dog up the street, and can be as mild as a sprain or as severe as a fracture. For any and all of your foot and ankle issues, you can visit the specialty doctors at Premier Bone and Joint Centers in Gillette, Wyoming.

Trust Us With Your Foot Issues

By turning to Premier Bone & Joint Centers for your foot or ankle problem, you can expect to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment for your pain. Depending on the severity of your injury, we might recommend:

Physical Therapy

Common foot and ankle injuries like sprains, achilles tendonitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis often require physical therapy exercises. We’ll specially formulate a plan for your individual injury to ensure that you receive the proper care you need.

Medications & Injections

To help with any swelling or inflammation, we may prescribe a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) or an injection such as a cortisone shot.


If noninvasive treatment options fail to provide the relief you need, or you’re suffering from a more severe injury such as a bone fracture, our foot and ankle specialists may recommend surgery. You can feel completely confident that our highly trained orthopedic surgeons will provide you with a caring and comprehensive procedure.

The next time that you hurt your foot or ankle, you’ll know that you can rely on our board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors. Contact Premier Bone & Joint Centers to schedule an appointment at our Gillette, WY, satellite clinic.