Foot & Ankle Tendonitis Treatment Available in Gillette, WY

Foot & Ankle Tendonitis Gillette WYLiving an active lifestyle certainly has a number of advantages. Unfortunately, it can present its own disadvantages as well, such as tendonitis. Avid runners and hikers—or even casual walkers—can face their fair share of nagging pain due to tendonitis, but you don’t have to let it go unaddressed. Premier Bone & Joint Centers has a team of board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors available at our satellite clinic in Gillette, Wyoming, that can put you on the path to recovery.

Signs of Tendonitis in Your Foot & Ankle

We put our feet through a lot, and many different parts of the foot or ankle can develop tendonitis. If you’re unsure whether you’re suffering from this condition, some common symptoms of tendonitis include:

  • A dull, achy pain
  • Tenderness, swelling, and redness
  • Heightened pain during or immediately after activity
  • A grating sensation when the tendon is moved

Treatment Methods

It’s hard to stay away from your favorite activities forever, so it’s understandable if you’re seeking a more aggressive treatment option than simply resting and icing. Premier Bone & Joint Centers will most likely start by developing a physical therapy regime based on your specific tendonitis—whether it’s Achilles or peroneal.  We may also prescribe medication or a type of injection to help reduce inflammation. In rare situations, surgery may be necessary but typically only if the tendon tears or ruptures.

Your Go-To Doctors for Tendonitis

If conservative treatments like rest and ice aren’t helping tendonitis in your foot or ankle, turn to the knowledgeable and experienced team at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. You can schedule an appointment at our convenient satellite location in Gillette, WY.