The Knowledgeable Foot Doctors to Turn to In Rawlins, WY

Foot Doctors Rawlins WYYou use your feet every time you get up and walk around. They take you anywhere from the other side of your house to the top of mountains. So, it can be frustrating to deal with foot pain, but not to worry—Premier Bone & Joint Centers is here to help. With a team of fellowship-trained and board-certified foot doctors operating out of our Rawlins, Wyoming, satellite clinic, we can provide you with comprehensive and convenient care, getting you back to moving around pain-free.

Some Common Foot Conditions

While everyone deals with small aches and pains every now and then, you may be dealing with a significant foot issue if you feel pain in your foot for most of the day, have swelling that won’t go down, or feel tingling, numbness, or burning. These symptoms can be related to injuries such as:

As experienced foot specialists, we have the knowledge and resources to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain. Many times, we can narrow down the possibilities simply by listening to your symptoms, but if needed we can also perform X-rays or MRIs of your foot.

Our Treatment Options

Your diagnosis will determine what kind of treatment plan our foot physicians create for you. For conditions like tendonitis, a combination of physical therapy and pain medication is typically the way to go, whereas more severe injuries like fractures may require rest and surgery. If you do end up needing surgical intervention, you can rest easy knowing that it will be performed by our expertly trained orthopedic surgeons.

Get back to walking, running, and climbing pain-free by turning to the foot doctors at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Schedule an appointment at our satellite clinic in Rawlins, WY.