The Experienced Hand Doctors Serving Residents of Riverton, WY

Hand DoctorOur hands help us interact with the world, but oftentimes we don’t think about them until pain limits movement. That’s when it’s time to reach out to an experienced orthopedic hand doctor. Fortunately, the physicians of Premier Bone & Joint Center are just a phone call away. When you schedule an appointment at our local Riverton clinic, one of our hand specialists will diagnose your condition and design a treatment regimen designed to set you on the road to recovery as quickly and safely as possible. We specialize in providing care worthy of Wyoming, and we’d be happy to give you to relief you need.

Diagnosing the Cause of Your Hand Pain

Your hands consist of hundreds of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves. So it should come as no surprise that such an intricate structure could be damaged by a wide variety of conditions. Our hand doctors have experience treating all types of injuries, including:

When you make an appointment with one of our hand physicians, they’ll review your medical history and perform a physical examination to test your range of motion. Depending on your symptoms, they may also order imaging tests—like X-rays or an MRI—or lab tests.

Experienced Hand Specialists Provide Reliable Treatment Regimens

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our hand doctors always seek to create treatment regimens that lay the groundwork for long-lasting recovery. To that end, we always recommend non-invasive treatments—like immobilization, pain management, and physical therapy—whenever possible. And if your condition requires surgical intervention? Our hand surgery specialists will use the most advanced techniques and technology to keep your procedure as minimally invasive as possible.

Hand pain shouldn’t keep you from engaging with the world. Schedule an appointment with the physicians of Premier Bone & Joint Centers today at our Riverton, WY, hand center. Our hand doctors would be happy to see you.