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Man holding his painful handIf disruptive pain, stiffness, or dysfunction has left you searching for a reputable hand doctor, you can turn with confidence to Premier Bone & Joint Centers in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Our practice is led by a renowned team of board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists who take a patient-first approach to orthopedic care.

Specialist care for hand pain is important. An intricate structure that is essential to many daily activities, the hand is made up of myriad bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Working seamlessly together, these components allow the hand to perform a variety of tasks ranging from threading a tiny needle to lifting a heavy box. When you consider the complexity of the hand and the ongoing demands placed on it, it’s easy to see that there are many reasons why it might hurt.

When to See a Hand Doctor

Aches and pains often come and go. What’s more, the hand is the most common part of the body to be affected by osteoarthritis, which gradually develops along with the natural aging process. Many bouts of discomfort resolve without professional treatment. With that said, how do you know if you should wait it out or seek medical attention? Here are some signs that you should consult with a hand doctor:

  • Your painful hand is stiff, swollen, or bruised
  • Your pain does not improve within a few days
  • You have joint pain that worsens with rest
  • You cannot easily type on a keyboard, grip a drinking glass, or perform other everyday tasks
  • Your hand is visibly deformed

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, you can benefit from highly personalized, convenient, and attentive care from a hand doctor. We offer the latest treatment options—both conservative and surgical—for a wide variety of conditions that can affect the hands, including osteoarthritis, tendonitis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, ganglion cysts, sprains, and fractures.

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