We Perform Joint Replacements in Cheyenne, WY

Joint ReplacementWhether you enjoy hiking around Curt Gowdy State Park, taking a stroll through the Botanic Gardens, or riding your ATV across the wide-open plains, it seems as though you’re always on the move when you live in Cheyenne. So why let joint pain put all your fun to an end? The board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers regularly perform joint replacements for Wyoming residents, helping them to return to their active lifestyles. One of our orthopedic doctors would be happy to help you determine whether this procedure is for you.

What is a Joint Replacement?

Connected by ligaments and cushioned by cartilage, a well-functioning joint moves fluidly and allows you to enjoy a wide range of motion. Over time, however, the cartilage and fluid that protects your joints will wear down. This leaves your bones vulnerable, and they can painfully grate against each other as you move.

During a joint replacement, one of our specialists will remove both sides of the weight-bearing surfaces in your joint. Then, they’ll attach a prosthetic implant to your bone that mimics the original protected surfaces of the joint. Over time, your bone grows over the implant and allows you to experience a full range of pain-free movement once again.

Types of Joint Replacements We Perform

Whenever possible, our doctors will try to treat the root causes of joint pain and stiffness with conservative treatments like pain medication and behavior modification. However, the time may come when these options no longer provide you with relief. That’s when it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of our joint specialists. Our highly experienced team has performed countless:

  • Knee replacements
  • Hip replacements
  • Shoulder replacements
  • Ankle replacements

Rest assured that we will use the most advanced techniques and technology during your joint replacement, keeping your procedure minimally invasive. Not only will this reduce the chance of infection, but it can also lead to speedier recovery times that get you back on your feet—and back to what you love—as quickly and safely as possible.

If you experience regular pain when moving, let our team provide relieve in the form of a joint replacement. Schedule your appointment with the specialists of Premier Bone & Joint Centers today at our Cheyenne, WY, clinic.