Knee Replacement Performed by Qualified Professionals in Torrington, WY

Man sitting on couch holding right knee with both handsYou rely on your knees to perform even the simplest of actions, from climbing a set of stairs to walking down the sidewalk. If you are experiencing severe knee pain, you may find it difficult to complete such tasks. Fortunately, you can turn to Premier Bone and Joint Centers for relief and personalized care. When you visit our satellite clinic conveniently located in Torrington, Wyoming, one of our specialists will assess your condition and create an appropriate treatment plan, recommending conservative treatment options first. However, if non-invasive measures are ineffective at providing relief, we may recommend a knee replacement. 

Determining if Knee Replacement Surgery Is Necessary 

Knee replacement, also referred to as knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, describes a surgical procedure where damage parts of the knee joint are resurfaced. This treatment options may be recommended if an individual has knee arthritis or has suffered significant trauma to the knee. 

When you visit our clinic in Torrington, WY, one of our knee specialists will inquire about your medical history and perform a physical examination to evaluate your range of motion. To aid us in determining if a knee replacement is warranted, we may also order image testing. 

A Team You Can Have Confidence in 

Although you may feel hesitant toward the idea of surgery, it helps to know you’re in capable hands at Premier Bone and Joint Centers. Our knee specialists are board certified and fellowship trained, with many of our surgeons being members of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. What’s more, our clinic is outfitted with the most advanced orthopedic surgery technologies, which our surgeons will use to ensure a smooth procedure and minimize your recovery time. 

To learn if knee replacement is right for you, contact Premier Bone and Joint Centers to schedule a visit to our Torrington, WY, clinic.