Introducing Mymobility, the mobile application designed to help you prepare for orthopedic surgery by giving you the ability to take an active role in your personal care and recovery process. Mymobility allows you to connect with your surgeon and care team through your iPhone and Apple Watch before and after your surgery. You’ll receive convenient reminders for tasks to be completed and encouragement throughout every state of the process. Wherever you are on your orthopedic journey, Zimmer Biomet’s Mymobility app has the information you need to prepare for and recover from treatment. It’s a personalized way to keep you moving and keep you connected like never before.

*You must have an iPone 6s or later with the latest software update to use they Mymobility app. You can only access the Mymobility app if your surgeon uses Mymobility and determines that you are an appropriate joint replacement or ortthopedic candidate.


Your Journey

Preparing for and recovering from surgery can seem overwhelming. Knowing what to expect and receiving timely reminders can help ease the process as you approach your surgery date. Mymobility keeps you connected to your surgeon and care team throughout this process to assist you in many ways, including:

  • Understanding your condition and optimizing your health prior to surgery
  • Learning what to expect the day of surgery
  • Knowing steps you can take to help minimize complications after surgery
  • Offering guidance as you work toward regaining mobility

Your Progress

Timely education, to-do lists and reminder notifications

Surgeon-assigned care plans used through the Mymobility app provide properly timed to-do lists and notifications designed to keep you on track during your surgical preparation recovery.

Remote monitoring through enhanced communication

Encrypted messaging within the app allows you send videos, pictures and/or text messages to your surgeon and care team without the need for an appointment. Telemedicine virtual video visits enable you to interface in real time with your surgeon and care team on one platform for your surgical preparation and recovery. Where available, telemedicine virtual video visits save you time and expense of commuting to the clinic.

Exercise tutorials

After surgery, your surgeon will likely assign daily exercises aimed at regaining movement. Your surgeon may assign easy to follow video-guided exercises through the app. This allows you to perform the exercises in the comfort of your own home while your surgeon and care team track progress remotely.

Data collection

Data about your activity levels and progress with your care plan is supplied to your surgeon and care team to help them determine your need for extra direction or follow-up care. After your surgery, they will also be able to watch and compare data to aid in your recovery process.

Your Story

Every patient’s orthopedic journey is unique. In addition to helpful reminders, progress reports, and support, the Mymobility app allows you to rate and share your satisfaction with your progress in real time.