Trevin Thurman, M.D.


Dr. Thurman joined Premier Bone & Joint Centers September of 2020. A native of Eastern Idaho, Dr. Thurman completed his medical degree at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. He then underwent residency training in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to complete a fellowship in Interventional Pain at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Thurman is dual board certified by American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the American Board of Pain Medicine.

University Care Close to Home

Dr. Thurman has worked as a university professor and was offered a teaching position to stay at Harvard Medical School.  He chose to return home to the mountains he loves and provide the full range of university level treatment options to his patients in the West. Many of these cutting edge therapies are not offered by any other physician in Wyoming or Colorado. 99% of Dr. Thurman’s procedures are performed with a small needle and finished with a band-aid, and patients are able to return to work and their regular lives the same or next day. These techniques include standard options such as cortisone injections, but also innovative treatments such as:

PRP (PLATELET RICH PLASMA) THERAPY– Dr. Thurman participated in the worlds first randomized clinical trial of PRP treatment while he was a resident at Harvard 15 years ago. PRP injections are now often used in professional athletes such as the NFL/MLB, and Dr. Thurman worked as a team physician for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox during his time in Boston. PRP therapy uses the growth factors in your own blood to heal a variety of difficult to treat injuries including:

  • Mild to moderate arthritis of any peripheral joint
  • Chronic tendon and ligament of any peripheral joint
  • Lumbar disc annular tears
  • Lumbar radiculopathy/sciatica due to epidural fibrosis/scarring



LONG LASTING EPIDURAL INJECTIONS– A common complaint after epidural injections is relief for only 1-2 weeks.  Dr. Thurman uses specialized techniques and medications for epidural injections that can provide months or years of relief even to patients who previously experienced only a few days or weeks of relief after a standard epidural steroid injection. (Some of these techniques are in the process of publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal.)


SPINAL SENSORY NERVE ALBATIONS– Ablation of spinal sensory nerves can be an extremely useful treatment for patients with chronic back and neck pain. Successful outcomes from this procedure are very technique specific and Dr. Thurman learned these procedures from the world’s foremost expert in radiofrequency ablations. As a result, Dr. Thurman can often help patients who failed nerve ablation procedures from other physicians.

SPINAL CORD STIMULATORS– Traditional spinal cord stimulation has existed for over 50 years, however in the past five years there has been a technology breakthrough that for the first time effectively treats chronic low back and neck pain, particularly in patients who had spinal surgery but struggle with persistent pain, including patients who have failed older outdated types of spinal cord stimulators.  This new technology has achieved FDA certification not only for chronic neck and low back pain, but also for painful chronic peripheral neuropathy.

Spinal cord stimulation can provide significant relief for: 

  • Chronic moderate-severe neck and low back pain
  • Chronic painful peripheral neuropathy
  • Chronic arm or leg pain after spinal surgery due to persistent sciatica (chronic radiculopathy)
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS/RSD)



Dr. Thurman is a son of the West and after a decade of medical practice, decided to return home to the Rocky Mountains. When he is not treating patients, Dr. Thurman enjoys back country hiking, fishing, sailing, tennis, cross-country skiing, and racing automobiles.


I would strongly recommend Dr. Thurman.  After years of Dr. and chiropractor visits, massage, physical therapy sessions and endless home exercises I began to believe I would live with debilitating pain the rest of my life.

I decided to try one more visit.   Dr. Thurman listened and said he would work with me to try and get me some relief.   After several attempts at injections that failed, he asked me not to give up.

Dr. Thurman did an ablation which has changed my life.  Thank you Dr. Thurman for listening and believing in me, and for your persistence.

SZ August 2021

When I went in for my procedure, Dr. Thurman explained everything about the procedure before the injection and was very clear about everything from what I was going to feel during the injection. Everything Dr. Thurman did was spot on and direct and to the point. As he injected the steroid he kept asking and making sure I was ok, which really shows he cares. After we were finished it was quick and easy and the results have been exceptional. I am now pain free, my hip and leg went from excruciating pain to complete relief. My day to day life is back to normal and I couldn’t be happier and all without surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Thurman and Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Carolyn H.

September 2020