Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

Your feet and ankles require thorough, personalized care.

The human foot and ankle are made up of more than 100 bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and they form 33 joints. But it only takes one wrong step to cause a painful injury—and such a complex system requires highly specialized treatment to restore maximum function and movement.

Understanding Feet and Ankles

  • Our feet and ankles are highly complex structures that help support our body weight when we stand.
  • Injuries to the foot or the ankle often limit mobility and can result in persistent, debilitating pain.
  • 52: The number of bones in the foot, approximately one-quarter of all bones in the body.
  • 25,000: The estimated number of Americans who suffer from ankle sprains each day.

Getting You Back On Your Feet

The complexity of the foot and ankle structure requires thorough, personalized care for diagnosing and treating each unique injury or condition. That’s why the specialized physicians at Premier Bone & Joint are dedicated to a multi-disciplinary approach to treating foot and ankle problems, including: Fractures and sprains, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and torn Achilles tendons.

Having a foot or ankle condition doesn’t mean having to feel pain every time you walk. Premier Bone & Joint Centers’ advanced, individualized treatment plans will guide you to a lasting recovery—every step of the way.

Here are our physicians who specialize in foot and ankles, and are experts in diagnosing and treating conditions specific to this complex area of the human body.


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