Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

Thorough, Personalized Care from Our Foot & Ankle Specialists

Foot & Ankle Doctor, Specialist, Surgeon Laramie WYFeet and ankles are highly complex structures made up of more than 100 bones, tendons, muscles, and ligaments, forming 33 joints. In fact, nearly one-quarter of all the bones in your body can be found in the foot. With such an intricate structure, your foot or ankle requires highly specialized care in the event of an injury. Fortunately, the foot doctors at Premier Bone & Joint Centers are board certified, fellowship trained, and have decades of experience treating common injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle.

How to Tell if You’ve Injured Your Foot or Ankle

Sometimes a foot or ankle injury is obvious, like when you experience a sudden jolt of pain after landing on your feet wrong during a friendly game of basketball. Other times, you may not realize you’ve injured yourself until you notice pain or swelling when you wake up one morning. If your ankle or foot feels unsteady when you’re walking, or if it’s swollen, inflamed, or stiff, one of our foot and ankle specialists can diagnose the injury and create an individualized plan to get you back up on two legs and enjoying life again.

We Can Treat a Range of Foot & Ankle Injuries & Conditions

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our exceptional foot doctors can treat both injuries and genetic conditions that affect the foot and ankle, including:

Our multi-disciplinary approach to foot and ankle care always begins with conservative treatments such as physical therapy and medication. In the event that surgery is necessary, take heart in knowing that our foot surgeons utilize the latest advancements in minimally invasive foot surgery technology.

Our foot and ankle specialists are waiting to hear from you. Contact PBJC today to make an appointment at our main facility in Laramie or one of our satellite locations throughout Wyoming.


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