Fracture Care

Human beings are anything but stagnant. And our bodies are anything but indestructible.

When something breaks, it requires close examination, discerning insight, skilled treatment, and thorough care—because effectively healing a broken bone means returning you to your lifestyle in a safe and healthy manner.

Experiencing a fracture is a painful and disabling experience. Premier Bone & Joint Centers is committed to ensuring that your recovery is an effective and caring one.

What is Fracture Care?

Your doctor at Premier Bone & Joint Centers has determined that you have a fracture, and will be managing your ongoing treatment. Your treatment and care for this fracture will be billed as a “global fracture care” charge. Because you will be charged a “global” fracture care charge, you will not be charged for individual office visits.

Providing for Lasting Recoveries

Should the unanticipated happen, the fracture care specialists of Premier Bone & Joint Centers are highly skilled and trained in providing rapid evaluation and treatment for your extremities that are at risk. When it comes to fracture care, our team approach is crucial to healing broken bones in a timely manner, as well as reducing long-term disabilities.

Understanding Your Needs

Should you ever experience a fracture, please know that our specialists utilize compassion and expertise in restoring you back to health in the safest possible way.


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