Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement Surgery Can Restore Your Freedom of Movement

Total Knee, Hip Joint Replacement Laramie WYWhen conservative treatments such as physical medicine and rehabilitation fail to relieve your knee, shoulder, ankle or hip pain, you may require total joint replacement surgery. Though the word “surgery” may make you nervous, rest assured that the board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers have years of experience and will perform a safe procedure that will have you up and walking again in no time.

Who Needs Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is often needed for those who suffer from debilitating conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, congenital deformities, fractures, and cartilage degeneration. You may have one of these conditions if you’re experiencing:

  • A grinding sensation when you move your knee or hip
  • Severe joint pain that medications fail to relieve
  • Limited range of movement, requiring use of a cane or walker

Contact Premier Bone & Joint Centers as soon as possible if you’re living with these symptoms.

What Does Total Joint Replacement Entail?

A joint replacement procedure involves replacing both sides of the weight-bearing surfaces of the joint. Total knee replacement, for example, includes replacing cartilage on the tibia and femur, as well as the kneecap itself. An implant is then adhered to the bone to serve as an artificial kneecap. Eventually, the bone will grow over the implant and the knee will function as normal. In some instances, the implant itself can wear down after years of use. For cases like this, we are qualified to perform joint revision surgery where we’ll replace the prosthesis with a new one.

Wyoming’s Premier Joint Replacement Specialists

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we will always pursue non-invasive treatments of joint pain first. If these are ineffective, rest assured that our highly experienced surgeons are equipped with the most technologically advanced tools for total knee, shoulder, ankle, and hip replacement surgery. All total joint surgeries are performed in Laramie. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art facility in Laramie or one of our many satellite locations across Wyoming.


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