Highly Specialized Spine Doctors Can Help Restore Your Pain-Free Lifestyle

Spine Doctor, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Laramie WYWhether you’re rafting down a river or simply bending over to feed your cat, all it takes is one wrong move to injure your spine and suddenly feel a jolt of pain. If you have difficulty standing, walking, or turning without feeling back pain, then it may be time to visit Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained spine doctors have the expertise to resolve your back woes so that you can return to the life you want to live, free of back pain.

Common Spinal Injuries & Conditions We Treat

From accidental spine injuries to abnormal genetic conditions, our highly experienced team can provide relief from the following ailments:

Our Treatments

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our spine doctors’ first course of action to heal your back will be with conservative treatments such as physical therapy, medication, and spinal injections. Should these treatments fail to provide a solution, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we offer the latest advancements in back surgery technology to keep your procedure as minimally invasive as possible. Our minimally invasive spine surgeries include herniated disc surgery, spinal fusions, artificial disc replacement, spinal decompression, scoliosis correction, and more.

During your visit at PBJC, one of our spine doctors will diagnose your injury or condition and then will create an individualized treatment plan to restore your strength and mobility, reduce your discomfort, and prevent further injury. Make an appointment today at our main location in Laramie or one of our satellite clinics across Wyoming.


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