Offering a Bevy of Orthopedic Outpatient Surgery Options to Cheyenne, WY, Residents

Physician in white coat is consulting an elderly couple.

For orthopedic patients, surgery is something that is often performed out of necessity, not for enjoyment. However, one way your orthopedic specialist can make this process as stress free as possible is with outpatient surgery. This alternative to traditional surgery allows patients to avoid long hospital stays and recover in the comfort of their own home. At Premier Bone and Joint Centers, our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians and surgeons perform a wide array of treatments—including outpatient surgery—for the residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Why Choose Outpatient Surgery?

Outpatient surgery offers a number of advantages over traditional surgery, and the long hospital stays that often with it. This treatment option allows you to:

  • Recover in the comfort of your own home
  • Return to your normal routine sooner
  • Save money that you’d otherwise spend on a lengthy hospital stay
  • Lower your risk of contracting an infection in the hospital

With benefits like these, it’s clear why many orthopedic specialists recommend outpatient surgery over traditional surgery whenever possible.

Comprehensive Treatment From a Qualified Team

The orthopedic specialists at Premier Bone and Joint Centers always pursue conservative treatment options first. However, when surgical intervention is deemed necessary, you can have the utmost confidence in our team to make your outpatient surgery as comfortable and minimally invasive for you as possible. That’s because our orthopedic specialists are heavily qualified—many of our surgeons belong to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery—and use the most advanced practices and technology.

Visit our Cheyenne Location

If you are in need of surgical intervention, reach out to Premier Bone and Joint Centers today and schedule an appointment at our satellite clinic in Cheyenne, WY. There, you’ll be seen by one of our qualified physicians who will help determine if outpatient surgery is right for you.