Offering Orthopedic Outpatient Surgery in Gillette, WY

While many orthopedic patients would prefer more conservative forms of treatment to surgical intervention, sometimes the latter is the most appropriate course of action. At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we strive to make surgery as stress-free as possible for our patients. Our goal is to help residents of Gillette, Wyoming, manage their pain and return to a more active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. One of the manners in which we achieve this is by offering outpatient surgery.

Advantages of Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient surgery is surgery that doesn’t require a patient to stay overnight in a hospital. This approach to treatment affords patients numerous benefits over traditional surgery, such as:

  • At-home recovery
  • A quicker return to a normal routine
  • Money saved that would otherwise be spent on a lengthy hospital stay
  • A reduced risk of contracting an infection
  • A reduction in the amount of medication prescribed

Together, these benefits make for a more relaxed experience for our patients in Gillette.

Providing Care Worthy of Wyoming

At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our orthopedic specialists always pursue the most conservative paths to treatment for our patients first. But should your condition require surgical intervention, you can rest easy knowing you are in the best of hands. Our surgeons are both board certified and fellowship trained, and they practice the most advanced techniques to keep your outpatient surgery as minimally invasive and as safe as possible. To schedule a visit to our satellite clinic in Gillette, WY, contact us today.