Seeking a Physiatrist in the Gillette, WY, Community?

Physiatrist Gillette WYWhen you’re suffering from an injury, you of course want to treat the underlying issue that’s causing you pain. However, it’s just as important to manage the pain itself, and at Premier Bone & Joint Centers, we understand this better than anyone. This is why we have a team of physiatrists available to help patients in the Gillette, Wyoming, community manage their pain while they’re on the road to recovery.

Treating More Than Your Injury

While many injuries cause pain the area that they occur, they can also affect other parts of the body. For example, hurting one of your hands results in dependency on the other one, which can lead to overuse and eventual pain. This and countless other scenarios are reasons why physiatrists exist. A physiatrist treats the whole person, not just the problem areas.

Our Qualified Professionals

Our physiatrists are part of Premier Bone & Joint Centers’ board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors and specialists. All members of our team diagnose pain by seeking out the underlying condition and an absolutely accurate diagnosis. This allows us to formulate the best possible treatment plan and get you on the road to recovery.

 What We Treat

We’re dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and attention, and we treat numerous conditions and injuries. You can turn to us for problems related to:

Whatever issue you turn to us for, you can trust that you’re in partnering with a capable team of doctors, physicians, surgeons, physiatrists, and more. Start healing by scheduling an appointment with Premier Bone & Joint Centers at our Gillette, WY, clinic.