Physiatrist Thermopolis

Seeking a Qualified Physiatrist in Thermopolis, WY? Physiatrist providing treatment to patient.

If you’ve been injured, whether while playing a sport or participating in another outdoor activity, you have likely begun to search for a chiropractor or sports medicine physicians who can provide the treatment you need. While both of these practices are viable options, there is a third worth considering—a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a type of physician that provides care to patients suffering from injury, disease, or conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Individuals living in Thermopolis, Wyoming, can receive treatment from a qualified physiatrist at Premier Bone and Joint Centers. 

A Deeper Look at What a Physiatrist Does 

A physiatrist practices in the field of physiatry, also referred to as physical medicine and rehabilitation. This branch of medicine is centered around diagnosing, treating, and managing injury or disease with physical and nonsurgical approaches. Commonly used treatment methods include physical therapy and medication. You can seek treatment from a physiatrist for conditions affecting the: 

  • Spinal cord 
  • Nervous system 
  • Skeletal system
  • Tendons 
  • Joints 
  • Ligaments 
  • Muscles 

At Premier Bone and Joint Centers, you’ll be seen by a physiatrist who possess board certification and fellowship training, and will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you return to your active lifestyle.  

Meet With a Physiatrist at Our Thermopolis Clinic 

Confidently place your health in the trusted hands of a physiatrist when you visit Premier Bone and Joint Centers. Reach out today to schedule an appointment at our satellite clinic in Thermopolis, WY.