Functional Capacity Evaluation

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation or FCE?

A functional capacity evaluation is provided by a trained professional in order to asses an individual’s ability to perform work related tasks with analysis of appropriate technique and physiological response. It takes into account the individual’s health status, body functions, and the demands of the job to evaluate a person’s ability to participate in work.

What is a Pre-Employment Screening?

A smaller version of the FCE. This screening assesses a potential employee’s tolerance to the specific job requirements of the employer and sends the reports to the potential employer.

Who can benefit from an FCE?

  • Someone who has been injured on the job
  • Someone applying for Social Security Benefits
  • Someone seeking to return to work or volunteer activities after injury/illness
  • Someone injured in a accident (example: automobile) and would like to return to work
  • Someone seeking vocational rehab
  • Someone starting a new job that would like to determine their ability to perform the employment task