Receive Effective Pinched Nerve Treatment From Spine Specialists in Torrington, WY

Athletic man rubbing his painful lower backWhat is a pinched nerve? This spine condition occurs when the spinal cord or a nerve root is pressured by nearby tissues, such as bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. The pressure may interfere with the nerve’s function, leading to pain, tingling sensations, numbness, or muscle weakness.

Pinched nerves are common, mainly because the issues that cause them—herniated discs, bone spurs, inflamed facet joints, and thickened ligaments—often result from degenerative changes that gradually occur along with the natural aging process. However, while getting older is inevitable, back pain and other pinched nerve symptoms don’t have to be. If you are experiencing discomfort caused by a pinched nerve or another spinal issue, you can turn to the outstanding team of orthopedic spine specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. We offer a full range of treatment options for pinched nerves and other spine conditions at our satellite clinic in Torrington, Wyoming.

What Can Be Done for a Pinched Nerve?

Sometimes, pinched nerve symptoms will go away on their own or improve with simple home remedies, such as a brief rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. To address persistent discomfort, we may suggest a pinched nerve treatment plan that incorporates:

  • Physical therapy, including targeted stretches and low-impact exercises, to enhance range of motion and strengthen the muscles that support the spine
  • Chiropractic manipulation to reduce the pressure on the compressed nerve
  • Prescription-strength medications to relax overly tight muscles and alleviate painful inflammation

If the pain worsens or is accompanied by persistent numbness or significant muscle weakness, surgical treatment may be considered. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeons perform advanced, minimally invasive procedures to address pinched nerves and other spinal issues.

If you would like to discuss your pinched nerve treatment options with a spine doctor, contact Premier Bone & Joint Centers today to schedule a consultation at our satellite clinic in Torrington, WY. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service, extensive medical expertise, and trusted doctor-patient relationships, all of which contribute to the healing process.