Prolapsed Disc Treatment in Riverton, WY

Male runner touching his painful lower backA prolapsed disc occurs when the firm outer shell of a spinal disc tears or splits open, which can happen suddenly through trauma or gradually through wear and tear. Each disc contains a gel-like material that is normally contained by a firm outer border, allowing the disc to serve as an effective cushion for the surrounding vertebrae during movement. If a prolapsed disc’s inner substance leaks through a breach in the wall, its presence in the spinal canal can create irritation, pressure, and inflammation that can lead to pain and other symptoms.

The spine experts at Premier Bone & Joint Centers offer a full range of treatment options for prolapsed discs and other degenerative spine conditions at our satellite clinic in Riverton, Wyoming. In most cases, prolapsed disc treatment consists of conservative measures. A non-surgical approach can be very effective in easing the resulting pain, stiffness, tingling, and numbness.

What to Do About a Prolapsed Disc

Sometimes, prolapsed disc treatment is unnecessary because the condition is not problematic and resolves on its own over several weeks. However, some people experience mild to severe discomfort, particularly if the extruded disc material comes into contact with the spinal cord or pressures a nerve root. Some prolapsed disc treatment techniques that have proven to be effective in this situation include:

  • Avoiding activities that could aggravate the condition, such as lifting, reaching, and sitting or standing for an extended period
  • Staying as active as possible, including engaging in low-impact exercises like swimming and walking, to help maintain spinal flexibility and facilitate healing
  • Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
  • Receiving targeted chiropractic care or massage therapy

If Further Prolapsed Disc Treatment Is Necessary

If the pain and other symptoms of a prolapsed disc do not respond to conservative treatment, we may suggest surgery as a last resort. To address the symptoms of degenerative spine conditions, the skilled surgeons at Premier Bone & Joint Centers utilize the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques.

If you would like to explore your prolapsed disc treatment options with a board-certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeon at Premier Bone & Joint Centers, contact us today. We have a convenient satellite clinic in Riverton, WY.