Treat a Rotator Cuff Tear in Gillette, WY

Man holding shoulder in painMore than two million Americans experience some type of rotator cuff problem every year. While common, an injury to the rotator cuff should still be taken seriously—especially a tear. If you suspect you’ve torn your rotator cuff, you should see the specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors can provide you with attentive and comprehensive care at our satellite clinic in Gillette, Wyoming.

Common Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms

Sometimes, a fall or impact can cause a sudden rotator cuff tear. In this case, you’ll likely experience immediate, intense shoulder pain and arm weakness. With a degenerative tear, you may have mild pain that worsens over time. In either instance, the symptoms of a torn rotator cuff can include:

  • Difficulty and pain when raising your arm
  • Popping or clicking sounds/sensations when moving your arm
  • Shoulder pain that worsens at night or when resting your arm
  • Shoulder weakness and difficulty lifting items

How Premier Bone & Joint Centers Can Help

When you see us for a rotator cuff injury, our knowledgeable physicians will perform a physical exam to check for shoulder tenderness, range of motion, and arm strength. We can also use imaging technology like X-rays and MRIs to rule out a fracture and diagnose any tears. If you have a partial tear, you may be able to manage your pain and improve your functionality by wearing a sling, taking pain medication, receiving injections, and/or performing physical therapy. A full rotator cuff tear will need to be treated with surgery. We have our own team of highly capable and expertly trained surgeons that can perform the procedure.

Start Healing Today

It’s crucial to see Premier Bone & Joint Centers as soon as possible if you suspect you’ve suffered a rotator cuff tear. Schedule an appointment today at our satellite clinic in Gillette, WY.