Rotator Cuff Tear Specialists You Can Count on to Deliver Personalized Care in Riverton, WY

Man in dress shirt is holding is right shoulder with his left landYour rotator cuff consists of a group of muscles and tendons that keep your shoulder bones in place. When there is a tear in your rotator cuff, it can be difficult to perform even the most elementary of tasks, such as brushing your hair. Fortunately, the pain that comes with a rotator cuff tear isn’t one you have to live with—you can turn to Premier Bone and Joint Centers for personalized care. Our rotator cuff tear specialists are experienced in diagnosing tears of all kinds and providing world-class treatment to patients in Riverton, WY. 

Tell-Tale Signs of a Rotator Cuff Tear 

All rotator cuff tears fall into one of two categories: partial tears and complete tears. With partial tears, the rotator cuff tendon is damaged but not completely severed. Conversely, with complete, or full, rotator cuff tears, the tendon is entirely separated from the bone. Both types of tears produce similar symptoms, which include: 

  • Pain when lifting or lowering the arm 
  • Popping or clicking sounds when moving the arm 
  • Shoulder pain that worsens when resting at night 
  • Difficulty lifting objects 

Be sure to visit our rotator cuff tear specialists in Riverton if you are experiencing any of these signs. 

Diagnosing & Treating a Rotator Cuff Tear 

To accurately diagnosis your injury, one of our board-certified, fellowship-trained shoulder doctors will conduct a physical examination to evaluate your current range of movement and muscle strength. If we suspect you have a torn rotator cuff, we may order imaging scans such as X-rays or MRIs. 

Oftentimes, conservative treatments are effective in providing relief. However, in more severe cases, surgical intervention may be warranted. 

To have one of our rotator cuff tear specialists in Riverton, WY, assess the severity of your condition and provide an appropriate treatment plan, contact Premier Bone and Joint Centers today.