Specialized Shoulder Doctors Serving Gillette, WY, Residents

Shoulder Doctors Gillette WYThe shoulder is an extraordinary joint that, when healthy, provides a tremendous range of motion. However, the more a joint can do, the more that can potentially go wrong. Whether your dog yanked you hard on your last walk or you’ve been channeling Tiger Woods a bit too much on the links, you’ve got some pain that has you seeking a shoulder specialist in Gillette, Wyoming. You can find a knowledgeable team of shoulder doctors at Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Common Shoulder Injuries

As such a complex joint, the shoulder can experience a range of injuries. So, while you may feel pain radiating from your shoulder, it can be hard for you to pinpoint exactly what the issue is. Our shoulder physicians will listen to your symptoms and provide testing to determine what the exact injury is, which could be:

Once we diagnose your shoulder injury, we’ll then develop the right treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery. Most treatment options include a combination of physical and drug therapy, but in cases such as a fracture or severe tear, surgery may be necessary. If our specialists do decide that surgery is needed, they’ll put you in the hands of our highly experienced and trained shoulder surgeons.

Don’t Put Up With Shoulder Pain Any Longer

It’s important that you see Premier Bone & Joint Centers as soon as possible to start actively treating your shoulder injury. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors are ready to help you at our satellite clinic in Gillette, WY.