Shoulder instability Rock Springs, WY

Shoulder Instability Treatment Available to Patients in Rock Springs, WY

If you are experiencing the sensation of looseness or slipping in your shoulder when your arm is raised above your head, you may have shoulder instability. At Premier Bone & Joint Centers, our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians treats a broad spectrum of orthopedic conditions, including shoulder instability. We also see patients in the Rock Springs, Wyoming, area, and will provide you with the care you need.

How Does The Shoulder Joint Become Unstable?

Shoulder instability can present if the shoulder joint has undergone significant trauma. This trauma results in dislocation—a painful condition that needs emergency care. Here, a physician may be able to reduce the shoulder, which involves manually repositioning the bones of the shoulder into the socket. Though a shoulder reduction can return normal joint function, the shoulder may be unstable if the surrounding ligaments have been overstretched.

Additionally, shoulder instability can occur without prior joint dislocation. With overuse, the cartilage in the shoulder joint can slowly wear down. This may allow the end of the upper arm bone to move partially, or completely, out of its socket. Athletes who perform repetitive overhead movements are also prone to shoulder instability.

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Shoulder Instability

Symptoms of shoulder instability can be subtle. During the diagnostic process, a physician will thoroughly examine both shoulders in order to see how the ligament structure of the healthy joint compares to the symptomatic joint.

Conservative therapies such as rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and physical therapy can help with easing pain and inflammation. However, if a non-surgical approach does not help stabilize the shoulder, surgery may be needed to tighten the loose ligaments.

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