Providing Wyoming Residents With Kyphosis Treatment

Kyphosis Treatment

A healthy spine exhibits a gentle, S-shaped curve that affords you the flexibility you need to perform your favorite activities: hiking the Rockies, rafting down a river, or even bending over to pet your dog.  However, when the upper spine curves outward too much—a condition known as kyphosis—you may experience stiffness and back pain that prevent you from moving freely. Fortunately for Wyoming residents, kyphosis treatment is just an appointment away. The board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers can provide you with compassionate and comprehensive care, returning you to the activities you love as quickly and safely as possible.

Accurately Diagnosing Kyphosis

In order to provide you with the most effective kyphosis treatment regimen possible, your physician will first evaluate the exact cause and extent of your condition by:

  • Performing a physical examination to observe your flexibility
  • Checking for nerve damage by evaluating your reflexes and muscle strength
  • Ordering imaging tests to perceive the degree of curvature in your spine

One of our orthopedic doctors may also recommend bone density and nerve tests in order to form a comprehensive understanding of your situation and diagnose underlying conditions like osteoporosis.

Treating Your Condition

While kyphosis cannot be cured, certain treatment regimens can help improve your flexibility and mitigate your pain so that you can get back to the activities you love. Oftentimes, this involves establishing exercise routines, attending physical therapy, and using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. While we always exhaust all non-invasive kyphosis treatment options first, our highly trained orthopedic surgeons can also perform surgery to improve your spinal curve if necessary.

If you find yourself avoiding the activities you love due to kyphosis, then it’s time to seek treatment with the orthopedic doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Schedule an appointment today, either at our main office in Laramie, WY, or at one of our conveniently located satellite clinics across the state.