Pinched Nerve Treatment Allows Wyoming Residents to Stay Active

Pinched Nerve Treatment

The last thing that you want is for the pain that accompanies a pinched nerve to slow you down. So, why not let the orthopedic specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers help keep you going? Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians will work together to determine the cause of your pinched nerve and recommend the best course of treatment to return you to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Finding the Cause of Your Pain

A pinched nerve occurs when the tissues in the body expand, compressing a nearby nerve and causing pain and muscle weakness. When you visit us for pinched nerve treatment, your board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic physician will perform an examination to accurately diagnose the cause of your pinched nerve. This examination may include imaging tests, like an MRI from our on-site testing center. Once we have a comprehensive view of your situation, we can recommend the most effective treatment to manage your pain.

Effective Treatment for Your Situation

Pinched nerve treatment oftentimes involves avoiding painful actions, sometimes with the aid of an immobilizing splint or brace, while tissue swelling decreases. Anti-inflammatory drugs or physical therapy may also prove helpful in the recovery process. If your physician finds that your pinched nerve has been caused by an underlying condition, like spinal stenosis, you may benefit from additional treatment techniques.

Fortunately, you have the orthopedic physicians at Premier Bone & Joint Centers to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most effective form of pinched nerve treatment for your condition. Schedule an appointment at our Laramie, WY, office or at one of our conveniently located satellite clinics across the state today.