Specialty Spine Doctors Trusted by Residents of Rawlins, WY

Spine Doctors Rawlins WYYour spine lets you do just about any sort of activity—from standing and walking to rowing and climbing. Because of this, it’s usually obvious when a spinal issue or injury has occurred. If you’re suffering from any sort of spinal pain, you can receive the right treatment from the orthopedic doctors of Premier Bone & Joint Centers. As the trusted spine doctors in Rawlins, Wyoming, we can help you return to pain-free living.

When to See a Spine Specialist

So, how can you know when your neck or back pain requires a visit to Premier Bone & Joint Centers? We say that it’s always better to be safe than sorry and recommend coming in for any unusual pain or discomfort. You could be dealing with basic muscle soreness, but it could also be something that requires attention like a pinched nerve, sciatica, or degenerative disc disease. However, you should especially pay us a visit if you’re experiencing:

  • Stiffness in the low back area, restricting range of motion
  • Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head or back
  • Inability to maintain normal posture due to stiffness and/or pain
  • Muscle spasms either with activity or while at rest
  • Pain that persists for several weeks
  • Notable loss of motor function, such as the ability to tiptoe or heel walk

Our Dedicated Spine Physicians

Whatever type of neck or back pain you’re dealing with, we’ll be sure to accurately diagnose the cause to ensure you receive proper treatment. We can perform diagnostic services such as X-rays and MRIs to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Based on what we find, we can develop a conservative treatment plan consisting of physical therapy, medication, and injections. For more serious injuries or ailments, like a herniated disc or spinal decompression, you may require surgery. If it comes to this, you can feel confident knowing that we have a team of highly experienced and trained surgeons that will professionally treat you with care.

Schedule an appointment with the board-certified and fellowship-trained spine specialists at Premier Bone & Joint Centers today. We have convenient satellite clinics in Rawlins and other parts of Wyoming.