Get Treatment for a Torn Wrist Ligament at Our Gillette, WY, Clinic

Torn Wrist Ligament Gillette WYIf you fear that you’ve torn a ligament in your wrist, you’ll want to receive prompt and professional treatment. You can find just that when you turn to Premier Bone & Joint Centers. Our knowledgeable team of board-certified and fellowship-trained doctors at our Gillette, Wyoming, satellite clinic are here to help treat your torn wrist ligament and get you back to a normal, active lifestyle.

Symptoms Associated With a Torn Ligament

Nobody ever wants to assume the worst and associate an ache or pain with a severe injury. However, tearing a ligament in your wrist usually presents some notable symptoms that should be taken seriously. Some obvious signs are pain and swelling in the wrist, but you may also experience:

  • Extra pain with wrist movement or a certain activity
  • Bruising or discoloration
  • Stiffness or a limited range of motion
  • A clicking or snapping sound

A Thorough Treatment Plan

The expert physicians at Premier Bone & Joint Centers will provide you with an in-depth evaluation to determine the right diagnosis. We’ll review your symptoms, complete an examination, and perform X-rays and MRIs. If we do determine that you have torn a ligament in your wrist, we have various treatment options available. We may immobilize or splint it, prescribe pain medication, or—if we determine that it’s necessary—perform surgery to repair the ligament. If you do require surgery, our highly skilled team of orthopedic surgeons will complete this routine procedure using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques.

If you suspect that you’ve torn a ligament in your wrist, you should seek treatment from the Premier Bone & Joint Centers team at our Gillette, WY, satellite clinic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.