Get Top-Tier Wrist Arthritis Treatment in Gillette, WY

Wrist Arthritis Gillette WYMaybe you’ve been hitting the tennis courts more frequently or typing up a storm on your latest work project. Sometimes there isn’t even a direct cause of arthritis—because it worsens with age, many older people find themselves dealing with pain from wrist arthritis. Whether there’s an underlying cause or not, Premier Bone & Joint Centers can provide you with the relief you need by treating you at our satellite clinic in Gillette, Wyoming.

Understanding Wrist Arthritis

Arthritis can occur in various parts of the body, but it is quite common in wrists because they are made up of multiple small joints. When healthy, the bones glide easily over each other during movement, protected by smooth cartilage that coats the joint surfaces. Arthritis damages this cartilage over time, causing pain and discomfort that hinder your daily routines.

Treating Arthritis in Your Wrist

Premier Bone & Joint Centers understands the impact that wrist arthritis can have on your life, so we offer specialty treatment plans to help you feel more comfortable and ease the associated pain. Whenever possible, our physicians will recommend non-invasive treatment options like physical therapy and certain medications.

In some cases, however, joint repair or replacement surgery may serve as the most effective form of arthritis treatment. Our orthopedic surgeons keep up to date on the most advanced practices and technology, so you can rest assured that your surgery will go smoothly.

Let the board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors at Premier Bone & Joint Centers help you manage arthritis in your wrists. Schedule an appointment at our Gillette, WY, satellite clinic today.